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Birds have been found to nest under solar systems. Often times, they can create colonies leaving behind an unpleasant mess and also cause noise throughout the day. Bird feces can be acidic that causes strains onto the building material, attract other pests and possible cause allergens. Some have found dead birds decomposing that also attract other pests that may find their way into homes. Fecal matter that build up can cost the home and property owner a lot for cleanup and sanitation. Prevention is the cheapest and most effective way to deal bird issues. Rodents can make solar systems their home causing damage to solar system components. They have been found chewing through components damaging solar systems and their production. Solar system repair times are dependent on the solar install company’s schedule and during the time that solar system isn’t producing, the home and property owner are paying for electricity from the power grid instead of getting power from the sun.

RoTak has great experience with the solar industry allowing us to create products that work best with solar equipment with the installers in mind. Our products have been used regularly on many large solar company projects without any major issues. Many of our partners provides us feedback which allows us to constantly improved upon the design and the materials used to ensure the ease of installation and longevity. With our confidence in our products, we offer a something year warrantee on our products. Our partners find confidence in our quality and our guarantee and we hope that that if you’re a new customer, you can find confidence in our products as well.
Our meshing comes in six inch by one-hundred foot and eight inch by one hundred-foot rolls sizes. The mesh is specifically cut into these six and eight-inch width sizes to cover most solar system installs and roof tile types so critters don’t go under the solar system causing a mess and potentially damaging components that may reduce or stop the production of the power for solar systems.
It is recommended before ordering to measure the space between the bottom of the solar panel and to the deck of the roof to make sure the proper size is ordered. On S-Tile roofs, please measure from the bottom of the solar panel to the lowest part of the valley on the tile. The length size of one hundred feet is standard size since most solar systems require a minimum of one hundred feet of coverage.
The mesh is made of galvanized steel and coated in black PVC to ensure ultimate weather resistant. The galvanized steel ensures the cut points doesn’t rust and cause discoloration on roofs and the surround solar system components. On top of using Galvanized Steel, the black PVC coating our meshing for double the weather protection. The black PVC coating blends in with the solar system adding an aesthetically pleasing and modern look by creating a discrete look.
The PVC coating and the galvanized steel for the mesh is the recipe for success to prevent any damages that can be caused by weathering and rust. The meshing has a half inch opening which are the perfect size to keep critters out but still allow wind and water flow from your roof.
The wire on the mesh has the proper thickness allowing for the mesh to be rigid but be malleable and easily cut. Rigidity is important so critters can’t force their way in but also malleability is important so it can be installed around conduits, electrical boxes, railings and vents easily.


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