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1. This animal repeller will use ultrasonic waves and flashing lights to scare away animal invaders without harming them.
2. You can insert the animal repellent into the ground, which is suitable for courtyards, terraces, gardens, farms, ponds, etc.
3. As the power source, the solar panel is natural and convenient; the sealed design meets the IP65 protection level, so it can work in normal rainy days.

Product Name: Solar Animal Repeller
Quantity: 1 Pc
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Deep Green
Current: 0.12A,
Voltage: 4.8V

Package Including
Package Included:
1xSolar Animal Repeller

[MORE EFFECTIVE PHYSICAL METHOD]—-To be honest, raccoons destroying houses along the trees are too annoying, I have experienced it! A tree that I liked a lot before was cut down and it has not been completely resolved. Strong ultrasonic signals drive dogs, cats, wild boars, mice, birds and other animals away from your area, house, garden or yard. It combines an advanced PIR detection system. It can detect movement and trigger short pulses of useful ultrasound and flashing LED lights.
[MULTI-MODE]—–The fader has different modes. You can select different frequency and sensitivity modes. The system generally switches between different modes to achieve the maximum effect range. It will not cause unknowable harm with uniform frequency.
[High efficiency solar panels and waterproof]——amorphous silicon solar panels have high photoelectric conversion rate and fast conversion speed. Even in areas with a lot of rain, it can still be used for a long time, high efficiency and low power consumption. It can still be operated at 100% year-round and almost all-weather conditions. For a detection angle of 110 degrees, it is important to consider the most suitable rotation to achieve the maximum coverage.
[HUMANIZED DESIGN]—–The solar evacuator only uses physical waves to drive animals. Only a wave of 13.5 kHz-40 kHz will drive it away. Will not cause any harm to the human body. And will not harm your own cats, dogs or other pets.
[LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY-TO-USE INSTALLATION METHOD]——It can be installed on the ground together with the attached spikes, or it can be hung on the wall through the rear slot (direct sunlight is recommended). The repeller has an infrared sensor angle of 110 degrees. Depending on the size of the animal, the detection range is 20-25 feet.


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