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Product Description

Solar PanelSolar Panel

Helidallr Solar Panel Have an Impressive Charging Efficiency

This outdoor camera solar panel can actually be used in conjunction with the most outdoor security cameras with a Micro charging port, always maintain sufficient power for your home security cameras eliminate the pressure of regularly disassembling the camera for charging, and inhibit recording caused by battery depletion fail. The high-efficiency solar panel allows the home camera to work throughout the year without charging, and you can experience uninterrupted charging even on days with little direct sunlight.

(Prerequisite: The place where solar panels are installed needs to have sufficient sunlight)

Solar PanelSolar Panel

IP66 Waterproof & Weather resistance

The solar panel uses the most efficient single crystal material and has passed IP66 waterproof certification, making it resistant to wear and corrosion. The weatherproof design can withstand severe weather conditions. Even in extreme environments such as heavy rain, heavy snow, and storms, there is no need to worry about placing it outdoors in all seasons.

Solar PanelSolar Panel

360° Adjustable Solar Panel & 10ft/3m Micro Cable

Our solar panels have 360-degree and 90-degree tilt adjustable mounts, allowing you to get the best position to absorb sunlight. The intensity of the sun’s rays in different seasons is different, which will affect the energy production. Please adjust the direction of the solar panels from time to time to obtain the maximum light. The solar panels are equipped with a 10ft/3m Mirco cable, which provides greater flexibility during positioning and all required installation hardware.

Solar PanelSolar Panel

Installation Method

Step 1: Mount the bracket using the screws included with the product as shown.

Solar panel supports multi- angle adjustment, adjust the angle after loosening the screws.

(Note: The angle of the panel cannot be forcibly adjusted without loosening the screws, which will cause the bracket to break.)

The best angle for solar panel installation is 15°-45°, please adjust it moderately according to the latitude of your area, the adjustment is based on trying to let the sun shine directly on the solar panel to get the charging efficiency.

Step 2: Put the USB plug of the solar panel tail cable through the silicone waterproof cover jack at the charging port on the cameras for home security, and then plug it into the camera’s connector afterwards to ensure waterproof effect.

Step 3: Connect the security camera outdoor and check whether the solar panel supports the camera.

Solar PanelSolar Panel

Package Included:

1X Solar panel

1X Mounting bracket

1X Mounting screws Bag

1X User guide

Product Parameter:

Maximum power: 3W
Tolerance: ±5%
Voltage: 5.0V
Impedance: 0.573A
Cable Length: 10ft/3M
Working Conditions: -4?~122?(-20?~50?)

Warm Tips :

1. Make sure that your solar panels are not covered. If the solar panels are partially covered, the power generation efficiency of the solar panels will be affected.

2. The intensity of the sun’s rays in different weather is different, which will affect energy production. Please adjust the direction of the solar panels in real time to get the maximum sunlight.

3. Slightly tilt the solar panel to avoid water or dust on its surface. Please regularly wipe and clean the dust and rain marks on the surface of the solar panel to prolong the service life of the solar panel.


The current and voltage of the solar panel are very safe for the camera and will not cause short circuit or damage to the camera.

But when using solar panels outdoors, please pay attention to check whether the camera interface has a waterproof design. If the interface does not have a waterproof design, it may cause water to enter the charging interface of the camera, resulting in damage to the camera.

(If the camera’s charging port has no waterproof design, our solar panel provides a 3M long cable. You can put the camera under the eaves without rain, and put the solar panel on the roof with good sunlight.)

?360°Adjustable Bracket & Easy to install?To install the solar panel, you only need to connect the weatherproof charging cable of the solar panel to the home camera, just like charging a mobile phone. After inserting the cable, make sure it is sealed. Our solar panels are equipped with a 10-foot power cord, 360° rotation and 90° tilt adjustable wall mounts, making this solar panel easy to install anywhere, let you choose the best position of the panel to directly receive sunlight.
?Compatible with Micro Port?The Helidallr solar panel is specially designed for wireless cameras for home security with micro ports and wireless doorbell camera. It is suitable for most brands of security camera outdoor with this port. This solar panels comes with a custom silicone cover for the charging port. Provide stable solar energy for outdoor cameras, get rid of the trouble of charging. Note: Waterproof protection at the port.?Note: This solar panel does not contain batteries.?
?IP66 Waterproof Design?The solar panel is IP66 waterproof, the surface is made of monocrystalline silicon material, and the frame is made of ABS plastic material, which can resist heavy snow, heavy rain and other severe weather conditions. Working conditions: 14?-122?(-10°C to 50°C), high-quality materials are very suitable for outdoor use. You can use it with confidence and install it anywhere outdoors to provide energy for wireless outdoor security camera.
?High-efficiency Solar Panels & Non-stop Power Supply?This solar panel is the most efficient monocrystalline solar panel with a power output of 3.5W, which can obtain uninterrupted and stable power from the sun, and supports your wifi camera to operate day and night. You don’t need to waste time frequently charging outdoor cameras for home security, free your hands and save time. (Note: The solar panel directly powers the camera battery and will not charge the camera)
?Environmentally Friendly & 100% Customer Satisfaction?Our Helidallr solar panels are made of high-quality materials. Please note that this solar panel cannot completely replace the DC charger. The charging efficiency depends on the intensity of the sun’s rays and the speed at which the outdoor cameras consumes power. We provide the best after-sales service, if you have any questions, please feel free to tell us, the professional service team will provide you with solutions within 24 hours.


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