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HQST Solar

30 Watt Polycrystalline

HQST 30 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel will give you the most efficiency per space and have the ability to withstand extreme elements and severe weather. This solar panel also has the capability of withstanding heavy snow and strong wind loads.

Maximum Power: 30W Maximum System Voltage: 600V DC (UL) Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 17.4V Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.5V Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 1.73A Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 1.86A Weight: 6.2lbs Dimensions: 13.4 x 24.8 x 1.0 inches





Anti-reflective, high transparency, low iron-tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance. IP65 rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets.

Easy Installation

Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast mounting and securing. Compatible with different mounting systems such as Z-brackets, Pole Mounts, and Tilt Mounts.


Can be used for many different applications. Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame allows extended outdoor use; the panels can last for decades.


Cell Type
Polycrystalline Polycrystalline Polycrystalline Polycrystalline Monocrystalline

Maximum Power
10W 20W 30W 50W 20W

Optimum Operating Voltage
17.93V 17.4V 17.4V 17.6V 18V

Optimum Operating Current
0.557A 1.15A 1.73A 4.32A 1.12A

Open Circuit Voltage
21.4V 21.5V 21.5V 21.1V 21.6V

Short Circuit Current
0.613A 1.26A 1.86A 3.04A 1.22A

Maximum System Voltage
600 VDC 600 VDC 600 VDC 600 VDC 600 VDC

13.38 x 9.44 x 0.66 in 13.3 x 16.9 x 0.9 in 13.4 x 24.8 x 0.9 in 18.5 x 25.8 x 1.18 in 20.1 x 13.4 x 1.0 in

1.98 lbs 4.8 lbs 6.2 lbs 6.27 lbs 3.2 lbs

Alligator clip


Frequently Bought Together
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?High Efficiency?Fully self powered off-grid system: provides up to 30 watts of clean, free, renewable power. Portable back up power: designed for maintaining 12 volt batteries in RVs, cabins, boats, battery operated gates, back-up power and remote power use. Perfect for 12 volt battery charging.
?Durable?Polycrystalline cells grade A solar cells; heavy duty anodized aluminum frame. Weatherproof Solar panels applies a more durable aluminum alloy frame. It’s windproof and rainproof, but it can’t be immersed in water.
?Portable?High efficiency Polycrystalline Solar cells with dimensions of 24.8X13.3X0.98 inches.
?Easy Installation? Waterproof IP65 Rated Junction Box advanced water and dust proof level (complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets). Easy Installation with pre-drilled hole.
?Reliability?HQST provides complete after-sales service, easy-to-reach customer support.


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