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Product Description

200w mono200w mono

200W Mono Solar Panel with PV Connectors for 12 Volt Battery Charging RV, Boat, Off Grid

200w mono200w mono


Peak Power (Pmax):200W

Peak Circuit Voltage(Voc):24.3V

Max Power Voltage(Vmp):20.4V

Short Circuit Current(Isc): 10.2A

Max Power Current(Imp):9.8A

Dimension: 54.72*27.56*1.3 Inch

Weight:26.5 lb

Wind resistance:2400pa

Single Solar Panel


1. Nominal for 12V battery changer.

2. High-efficiency & high output.

3. High transparent low-iron, tempered glass.

4. Rugged design to withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load.

5. Aesthetic outlook.

PowerECO Provides cost-effective solar panels and Free Professional Engineering Services.

200W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is the key component to a system when going solar Off -Grid system. These panels are relatively compact and are a breeze to set up. Whether you are going camping in the mountains or taking a trip to the beach, this panel can be a great start to your off-grid system! This panel has several uses including marine, dry camp, RVS and other off-grid applications.

100w solar system100w solar system

How to properly set up a basic system

First, the battery should be hooked up to the charge controller. You could use our tray cable or any general stranded copper core wire to connect the two. Make sure that you lead the wire into the battery terminal of the charge controller and match the + and – to the battery + and -. Make sure to screw in the exposed wire tightly inside the controller terminal. Then screw on the battery rings to the battery.

Second, then connect your solar panel to your charge controller. We recommend that you connect the adapter kit to your panel first, then follow the + or – sign coming off of the leads of the panels and match it with the + and – sign on the charge controller. Be careful at this step, because if the panel is inserted incorrectly, you can have reverse polarity and short the system causing damage to the panels or controllers.

Lastly, you can hook up your inverter to your battery by using battery ring cables and by matching

More Features

High Efficiency

High Efficiency



Easy  to Install

Easy  to Install

High Efficiency

Reliable: High Modules Conversion Efficiency 100W Poly Solar Panel Provides Up to 100W Power. Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and provide a long service life. EL tested solar modules; no hot-spot heating guaranteed.


The Powereco 200W Solar Kit is expandable with the addition of one or more solar panels and PV T/Y branch connectors.

400W total: connect a 200W solar panel to this solar panel kit, in parallel, to achieve up to 400W.
600W total: connect three 200W solar panels to this solar panel kit, in parallel, to accomplish up to 600W.

Easy Installation

The solar panel comes with pre-drilled holes for the screws and mounts required for RV, boat, car, or home roof installation.
The kit also includes a 35 inch 12AWG cable with male/female PV connectors.

Recommended to purchase an extra 8AWG cable to connect the battery and fuse.


200w solar panel200w solar panel

2 Pack 200W Solar Panel. Single Size :54.72 x 27.56 x 1.3 inches; Weight 26.5 Lbs;
Mainly used for home roof-top, outdoor water pump, solar plants
Pre-drilled holes and installation ready; IP65 rated junction box with diodes and 30 inches cable with pv connectors pre-installed
Guaranteed positive output tolerance (0-3%); withstand high wind-pressure snow load and extreme temperature
25 years output warranty and 5 years workmanship warranty


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