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Product Description

Handar solar street lights with motion sensor and remote controlHandar solar street lights with motion sensor and remote control

Handar solar flood lightsHandar solar flood lights

Application Range of the Handar Solar Street Light: This solar street light can be widely used on outdoor wall or pole in Plaza, Park, Garden, Courtyard, Street, Parking Lot, Walkway, Pathway, Campus, Farm, Perimeter Security etc.

Typical application of the Flood lights: First 2-4 hours keep lighting because there are poeple passby from time to time; 2-4 hours later on “auto” with sensor function to save power because the all-in-one light could not have much bigger solar panel and battery.

Key Features:

1. Easy to install, waterproof, no pollution, dustproof and durable, high-temperature resistance and long lifespan.

2. with mono crystalline silicon solar panel, the solar lights even have solar charge in winter and bad weathers.

3. Many power saving technologies applied to make sure the light to work in winter and bad weathers:

A, Light control feature: the street light can auto turn at dusk and turn off/ start charging at dawn.

B, Motion sensor: if nobody/ any subject pass by, the light will change to 30% brightness to save power.

C, Timer: the light can stay at full brightness a few hours (2,3,4 hours at user choice) then change to radar mode to save power.

Specifications of the Solar Flood Light:

Power of Solar Panel:15W; Solar Street Light Work Time: More than 24 hours after fully charged; Color temperature: 6000-6500K; Charging Time: 6-8 Hours; Material: ABS/ metal; Working Temperature: -31?-122?


Solar panel should be placed where can receive maximum sunlight directly; suitable installation height 3-5 meters.

Package: 2 sets together with all necessary spare parts for wall& pole mounting, English user manual included.

solar street light installed in gardensolar street light installed in garden

solar street light in basketball courthsolar street light in basketball courth

Handar solar road lampHandar solar road lamp

Hanar solar solar powered LED street lightHanar solar solar powered LED street light

solar street lights mounting methods.solar street lights mounting methods.

solar packing lot light batteysolar packing lot light battey

Most all-in-one solar street light use polysilicon solar panel. Handar uses a monocrystalline solar panel, the charging efficiency is 20% higher. Then Handar solar street light can works in Winter or cloudy& raining days.

How to distinguish a mono-crystalline solar panel?

1. Darker in color

2. Consistent color, no pattern

Easy installation:

1. use 4 expansion screws to install on the wall.

2. use 4 extension screws to install on pole. pole size between 2-5 inches.

Solar panel size& efficiency and battery capacity decides the performance of a solar street light. Handar solar street light uses lithium iron phosphate battery, it’s main advantages are: safer, better high-temperature performance, long lifespan up to 2000 times charge& discharge.

solar garden light with motion sensorsolar garden light with motion sensor

solar street light motion sensor with remote controlsolar street light motion sensor with remote control

solar patio light with motion sensor solar patio light with motion sensor

Different from traditional infrared sensor, the microwave sensor can detect motion from all direction and is more sensitive. Minimun movement can be detected and the light turn to full brightness immediately.

All functions& operations through the remote control.

Good quality 2835 LED chips have up to 50000 hours lifespan.

2. High Efficiency Solar Panel: Usually the all-in-on solar lights do not have much place to install the solar panel, thus our outdoor solar street lights uses mono crystalline silicon solar panel which is 20% higher efficiency than the common polycrystalline silicon solar panel on other’s solar street lights. It can fully charge the built-in 15A battery in 4-6 hours and light up to 24 hours. Then our light can work well in winter or bad weathers.
3. Light Control, Motion Sensor (microwave radar), and Timer: Multi-methods to save power: The light control will auto turn on the light at dusk; turn off and begin solar charge automatically at dawn. If any person/ objects pass by, the High sensitivity motion sensor will turn the light to 100% brightness immediately; then turn to 30% brightness 25 seconds later if nothing detected again. The light also has a timer to save power automatically late at night.
4. Remote Control: All functions/ setting can be operated through the remote control. Remote control distance around 10 meters. You can manually control it or just leave it to work with your default setting, very convenient to use.
5. Long Lifetime: This solar street light works well even in bad weather with IP65 waterproof feature, rainproof, lightning protection and dustproof. The strong ABS plastic anti-UV housing, controller and outer sealed rubber ring can last for many years.


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