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solar battery tender solar battery tender

Why do we need to maintain the battery?

1. The battery will discharge in a natural state. In-vehicle units such as alarm systems and anti-theft devices will consume battery power. Long-term lack of power will cause the battery storage capacity to decline.

2. The 12V battery needs to be kept under the normal storage voltage to avoid battery failure caused by vulcanization.Solar chargers can be used to maintain the batteries and to achieve the purpose of extending battery life.

Why is it a solar charger and maintainer?

The 20W solar panel is a trickle charger. Suitable for slow charging and maintaining battery power. The current generated is small, so it is not suitable for batteries that are completely exhausted.

12v solar battery charger12v solar battery charger

Package: 1 x 20W Solar Trickle Charger 1 x Alligator Clip 1 x O-Ring Terminal 1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug 2 x Carabiner Clips


Type:Monocrystalline silicon

Maximum Power:20 W

Maximum Power Voltage:18 V

Current at Pmax:1.11 A

Volt:12 V

Size:14.4×13.4×0.39 inch

Weight:2 lbs

solar trickle chargers for 12 volt batteriessolar trickle chargers for 12 volt batteries

solar battery maintainer 12 voltsolar battery maintainer 12 volt

solar 12v battery chargersolar 12v battery charger

Rated Power
5 Watt 10 Watt 20 Watt

8.85×7.68×0.79 inch 15.16×7.68×0.39 inch 14.4×13.4×0.39 inch

0.55 lbs 1.43 lbs 2 lbs

LED Indicator Type
Two-color Tricolor Tricolor

Protective Function
Blocking diode Built-in controller Built-in controller

[More efficient]: 22% high conversion rate crystalline silicon material + 95% high transmittance ETFE material, greatly improving the charging efficiency of solar chargers. The honeycomb structure increases the power generation by 10%, which can achieve the most ideal charging effect in a limited space.
[Built-in intelligent controller]: The charging algorithm is upgraded, and the charging efficiency is increased by 10%-20%. It is automatically charged during the day and turned off at night without consuming battery power. Provides multiple protections such as overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.
[Easier to monitor]: The solar panel junction box has three-color LED indicators, which help visually monitor the working status. Solid blue-Receiving sunlight, output normal; Solid Red-Connected to battery, charging; Solid green-Battery is full; No lights on-Short circuit occurred.
[More robust and durable]: In order to reduce the internal chipping of solar panels and reduce the conversion rate. We added a layer of PCB to make the panel more robust. Using waterproof and heat-resistant ETFE instead of PET can extend the service life by 5 times. The attached wire has been upgraded and thickened to be more durable.
[Lightweight and portable]: The thickness is only 1/3 of the rigid panel; the weight is light, about the weight of a mobile phone, and it is easy to carry. Comes with a 3-piece SAE cable kit, plug and play, widely used in 12V batteries and DC charging equipment, such as cars, RVs, ships, ATVs, etc. (Support 12 months warranty + lifetime technical support)


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