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Product Description

Battery electric
LiFePO4 battery 13000mAh LiFePO4 battery 26000mAh lithium battery 10000mAh

Solar panel
5V/5W ?Dimensions?6.9 in * 7.7in? 5V/18W ?Dimensions?14.2 in * 9.5in? 5V/10W ?Dimensions?9.3 in *13.8in?

WAWUI 13000mAh/42Wh Mini Portable Solar Power Generator Kits with Solar Panel & 3 LED Light Bulbs


Why choose WAWUI solar generator lighting system?

Excellent rechargeable battery solar generator system, battery capacity, efficient storage.Using LiFePO4 battery, the life span is more than 12 years.Quickly rechargeable through sun and wall outlet.Easy and Fast! Anti-dust, DC& USB output, safe and reliable!Perfect emergency power backup give power to LED lights and mobile phone through USB DC outletsThe generator has own lights of 2 levels and 3 bright external LED bulbs, which brings light with low power consumption.Durable and stable, keeping brightness above 100LM all the time and able to work continuously for 32 hours under full charge.

WAWUI 42Wh Portable Solar Generator Specification

DC output Three circuits DC output 3.2V/1A USB output One circuit output 5V/2A Battery electric LiFePO4 battery 13000mAh/42Wh Solar panel 5V/5W ?Dimensions?6.9 in * 7.7in? Built-in lamp level 1(Equivalent to LED 6W ) works 16+ hrs; level 2(Equivalent to LED 12W ) works 32+hrs External lamp 6W *3 LED Bulbs; 1 bulb works 20 hrs; 2 bulbs work 10 hrs; 3 bulbs work 7 hrs External cable length 9.8ft


Portable Solar GeneratorPortable Solar Generator



Charging Status Display

The green light or red light flashes means the battery is chargedThe last green light stops flashing shows the battery is fully chargedBefore using the USB port or built-in lamp & external lamps, please press the blue buttonEquipped with blue crystal solar panel for Outdoor anywhere there is adequate sunshine.Equipped with USB charging cable for car charger or wall charger.(Car charger port not included)

Package Including

? 1 x 42Wh Power Generator

? 1 X Solar Panel

? 1 X USB Charging Cable

? 3 X LED Bulb with Socket & hooks

? 1 x Manual

13000mAh/42Wh Large Capacity Battery

Indoor Lighting & Outdoor LightingCharge Your Electronic Products such as Cell Phones?MP3 etc.Emergency Power Backup.6W *3 LED Bulbs; 1 bulb works 20 hrs; 2 bulbs work 10 hrs; 3 bulbs work 7 hrs


May the Years be Quiet and Safe

Various natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami etc. can lead to unexpected power outages. Whenever this happens, WAWUI Solar Generators will play their part.WAWUI Solar Generators bring light in the dark, charge LED light and mobile phone. Most importantly they automatically charge themselves from sunlight.WAWUI Solar Generators connect external light bulbs, but they also have the function of a flashlight. They can play a great role both in searching for refugees and looking for food and rescue.

WAWUI Edison Bulbs
Nondimmable-4W-E26 Dimmable-4W-E26 Dimmable-4W-E26 Dimmable-6W-E26 Nondimmable-6W-E26 Nondimmable-2W-E26

??Portable Solar Power Bank-perfect emergency power backup for home?The Portable Solar Powered Generator with panels included, LiFePO4 battery 13000mAh/42Wh high capacity battery,perfect emergency power backup for home, travel, camping. Small home Basic Solar Generator Kit, rechargeable & replaceable battery solar generator system, storage solar generator power to battery with solar panel and supply power to LED light and mobile phone.
??Meet Continuous Lighting Needs, 32+ Hours at most?The Portable Solar Generator With its own lights of 2 levels and 3 extra bright white LED bulbs, ideal to bring you lightness with low power consumption, more durable to use, constant current IC driver, good stability, brightness always maintained above 100LM. WAWUI portable quiet solar generator with solar panel will meet all your needs.
??Multiple-occasions Used Portable Solar Lighting System?The small and quiet solar generator with panels included, comes with a handle, easy to carry;5V/5W high-quality solar panel, charging 1 day, lighting up to 32 hours. USB charging: suits for wall plug, battery, car, etc.?TIPS: When charging, please turn on the blue switch). Portable mini and quiet solar power station, widely applicable to camping, hiking, expedition, hunting and home as emergency power supply.
??Integrated packing Portable Energy Storage Lighting?Plug and play. Mini size solar power station with solar panel, battery and light bulbs, convenient to carry, Compact design, easy installation. Anti-dust, DC& USB output, safe and reliable. Integrated packing, easy transportation.
??Worry-Free Solar Electric Generator? This camping&home mini solar power generator is reliable, Using LiFePO4 battery, the life span is more than 12 years.?JUST BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!?


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