Otdair 188 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, 2500LM 3 Modes Solar Motion Lights Outdoor, IP65 Wate…

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Maximum Power ?Pmax) : 10W
Open Circuit Voltage?Voc) :  21.6V
Short Circuit Current ?Isc?: 0.60A
Maximum Power Voltage?Vmp? : 18V
Maximum Power Current?Imp) : 0.55A
Maximum System Voltage?Imp?: 1000DC
Size : 440*190*3mm
STC : lrradiance1000w/m2?Temperature 25 C, AM=1.5

? Features:
  *Output voltage of 18V and charging for 12V batteries.
*Suitable for lead acid batteries and lithium batteries such as automobile, motorcycle, tractors or snowmobile.
*With high efficiency  Monocrystalline silicon  solar cell
*Built-in blocking diode, prevent your batteries from discharging backwards through your solar panels at night when charger’s voltage is lower.
*DC output it can  transfer alligator clips, USB, cigarette lighter, etc.

1. Normally we use standard black colour base board, but the colour might be tiny different because of different producing batch.
2. To achieve a certain parameter, the arrangement of the solar cell silicon wafers might be with tiny difference, but the specification is the same as described. 
3. The solar cell panel will be covered by PE film, some may with air bubble under the film, it will not effect the performance, you can remove the film, just like the film on the cellphone panel.
4. The colour of silicon solar cell is blue or black.
5. As solar panel, the sunlight strength will effect the performance of the solar cell, please use it in good sunlight.

1 * 10W 18V solar panel,
1 x insulated battery clips
1XCigarette lighter
1x USB cable

?Solar panel Ultra-thin, ultra-light, portable?Applied outdoors, camping?hiking?climbing?travel?fishing?Desert island survivalect
? Easy DC quick connection, configuration of alligator clips, cigarette lighter, and 5V USB regulator box output, it is sure to be a great fit no matter what your application needs.
?USB Voltage Regulator:USB 5V ?Max 3A output?charge for cell phone ?power bank ?GPS ?light and other electronic devices.Solve the problem of lack of electricity in the outdoors?
?Cigarette lighter?charger for car battery ?Solve the problem that the car battery is underpowered and cannot be started.
? Alligator Clip?charge for 12V battery ?Supplement extra electricity


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