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Zamp SolarZamp Solar

Roof Mounted Solar PanelsRoof Mounted Solar Panels

Thrive Off-GridThrive Off-Grid

Zamp was founded in Bend, Oregon in 2010 with a goal of making the highest quality, most innovative off-grid solar products on the market to help people dream bigger, go further, and stay out longer. Ten years later, we’re still obsessed with quality, still innovating and still exploring the infinite possibilities of solar.

Benefits of Zamp Roof Mount Kits:

Easy installation.

Built to last 25+ years.

5-stage digital charge controller protects your battery and panel(s).

Omni-Mount rail provides flexible mounting points.

Extend your battery’s life 3x.

Monocrystalline solar cells with anti-reflective coating.

Made in USAMade in USA

Made in the USA:

Our panels are handcrafted in Bend, Oregon using the finest materials available (locally sourced whenever possible.) They are built to last 25 years or more and every panel is signed by the person who made it and tested it.

So instead of saving a few bucks now and buying a new solar kit every couple of years, invest once and charge with confidence for the next couple of decades.

Complete Kits AvailableComplete Kits Available

Complete Kits:

Our roof mount kits come with everything you need to connect your solar panel(s) to your battery(ies) and start charging. Roof mount solar kits include:

A 5-stage PWM charge controller
Pre-assembled wiring harness
1 – 3 port roof cap (ready for future expansions!)
Mounting feet and hardware


Expansion Panels:

Our roof mount expansion panels are for people who want to add more power to their kit. Expansion panels only come with the panel, mounting feet, and a wire to connect the new panel to your solar charging system.




Mounting Feet

Mounting Feet





Simple Installation

Our kits come with a pre-assembled wiring harness that doesn’t require crimping tools, making installation easy and simple.

Easy-Release Mounting Feet

If you need to remove your panel for maintenance or safe storage, our easy-release mounting feet let you quickly unclip your panel without removing the hardware itself.

Omni-Mount Rail System

Our innovative Omni-Mount frame lets you mount the panels wherever you need them and our stainless steel mounting hardware ensures your panels stay secure.

Protects and Monitors

The digital 5-stage, PWM charge controller protects your system from overcharging and lets you monitor your power by providing real time updates of volts, amps, and amp hours.

Power to Thrive Off-GridPower to Thrive Off-Grid

Endless, clean, renewable energy:

Say goodbye to loud generators, expensive fuel, and being confined to shore power. Cut the cord and follow the road less-travelled… no matter how far off-grid it leads you.

Handcrafted in the USA; 25-year output warranty; Easy installation; Best-in-class solar cells
Charges most types of 12-volt batteries, including lithium; Expandable up to 510 watts
Digital 5-Stage, PWM 30-amp charge controller monitors and protects your battery(ies) and panel(s)
Includes: 170-watt panel, 30-amp charge controller, wiring harness, 3-port roof cap, mounting feet
Panel Dimensions: 58.3 inches x 26.4 inches x 1.5 inches


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